Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rex Bodrero is my name. I am a life-long resident of Cache Valley. I returned to USU three semesters ago to finish the engineering degree that I started somewhere over 30 years ago. I wonder if I will find my ethical values to be very different from the majority of younger students.

Among the things I value most are:
Respect for others

Some of the things that I believe the media values are:
Objectivity (but not always)
Promoting the degradation of moral values

Boy, what a mixture of media values. I think that some media is truthful and objective, but that others are only about making money with no respect for tradional values (obviously I'm all for tradional values).

I won't have a career in journalism, but I hope to learn objectivity and understanding of the media. The case study of this weeks class pointed out that we are constantly faced with ethics decisions.

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